Avanti Enterprises.

Avanti Enterprises was established in 1988 in Central India with a futuristic vision of creating its mark in the food industry. The aim was to make our inroads in processed and semi-processed food. Avanti Enterprises is one of the largest manufacturers & exporters of cube sugar and sugar confectioneries in India. Our product line includes cube sugar, sugar sachets, Demerara sugar Cube, Icing sugar, Baking Sugar etc.

Over the years, we at Avanti Enterprises have worked continuously to extend its product offering and keep the technology up to date with our state of art manufacturing machines. For e.g. Our cubing plant is one of the best in its technology and with the advent of time Avanti Enterprises has diversified into planning and commissioning of cube sugar plants. Avanti Enterprises has also pioneered in providing its services in projects related to commissioning of Cubing plants on a turnkey basis.

Avanti Enterprises in last decade has significantly diversified into the export of spices, rice, pulses/lentils, Chakki fresh atta, others flour, Instant mix and other food items like Pickles, jams, ketchup and ready to eat Indian meals. We are now exporting our products to Africa, Middle East & South East Asia, UK, Canada and U.S.

With such a diversified history and continuous growth of Avanti Enterprises, we also look for international tie-ups and global partners. Our aim for next decade is to make AVANTI ENTERPRISES a globally recognized brand.

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